Due to a my long experience as a freelance translator, I offer a very high quality of services, being fluent in English, French and Spanish. By visiting my website, you will acquire a good knowledge of my personal profile and a full description of the services you can contract. Thank you for your visit and please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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   Who am I

Dear Customer,
 I possess degrees in Translation and Interpreting of Languages and French Philology, and also have a Master in Interpreting. I currently work as a Freelance Translator.

I was born in Aranjuez (Madrid) to a French father and Spanish mother (from Teruel). However, I was not brought up in the royal palace of Aranjuez  like  some Spanish Kings, but in a modest residence! Thanks to them, I discovered the cultural difference between both countries and I inherited the Aragonese determination and Cartesian rigour in a natural way.

Since I was young , I have been educated simultaneously to speak both languages in Zaragoza  where my primary education was given in a French school. Subsequently, during my secondary education period both cultures were taught and both languages spoken and I always pay special  attention to linguistic topics.

Later on, the university  education I received, helped me to acquire a deep knowledge of  French culture, particularly its History, Language and Literature so that I can now understand the French mentality and am  able to distinguish the nuances between both languages.

Afterwards, I added the art of Translation and Interpreting to my personal experience: That is to be able to understand a text taking especially into account its context so that its exact meaning can be translated from one language to another.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity of staying in Cambridge where I improved my ability to write and speak in English I acquired  high-level skills  translating  English texts into French/Spanish. Then, I completed my language training by following several specialized English courses at  the British Council in Madrid.

Finally, thanks to the knowledge of two cultures and the advantage of having double nationality I have travelled frequently  to Paris where  part of my family’s roots are  and I collaborated there with several different  companies.

Nowadays, a great part of my professional career is dedicated to Translation and Interpreting together with other miscellaneous activities related to languages such as the teaching of French .

To conclude, I would like to use  one of my favorite quotes concerning the role of Translation skills in today’s Society:

Without the translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence" (George Steiner)

    Christian Nicolle Torrijo
Palacio de Aranjuez
Basilica del Pilar - Zaragoza
Place du Tertre - Paris
Plaza Cibeles - Madrid

   How to contact me

Christian Nicolle Torrijo

Web:       http://www.traductorfreelance.com

E-mail:     info@traductorfreelance.com  

Mobile:      (+34) 635818148

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